Cuban Youths Support West Sahara Struggle

Cuban Youths Support West Sahara Struggle Havana, May 9. – The Cuban Federation of High School Students (FEEM) ratified its support for the West Sahara's struggle against Moroccan colonialism, local media reported on Wednesday.

Leaders from that organization on Tuesday met with Ahmed Lehbib Abdi, member of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front and general secretary of the Student Union of Sagua, el-Hamra and Rio del Oro, which groups junior high and university students from that northern African nation.

During the meeting, FEEM president Mirthia Julia Brossard explained the Saharan leader that Cuban students know about the just causes of the world, among them that of West Sahara, Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported.

In that regard, Brossard said that "the organization will continue supporting the Sarahan students in Cuba, one of the noblest actions the island has done for that African nation."

For his part, Ahmed Lehbib Abdi thanked Cuba for its support for the struggle of his people, and described as special the relations between the Caribbean nation and the Polisario Front, the daily said.(Prensa Latina)