CubaCoop calls for condemnation of U.S. hostility against Cuba

Paris, Nov 13.- The Cuba Cooperation France (CubaCoop) association called for the repudiation of the escalation of hostility against the island by the Trump administration.


In its weekly issue, La lettre électronique Hebdo, the organization founded in 1995 to promote solidarity and collaboration with Cuba, pointed out that remaining passive is not an option in the face of this policy, exacerbated by the Republican president in recent years.

Although there is no war between Cuba and the United States, Washington insists on attacking the small independent country, which it has done for six decades, but the outgoing president increased the dose, hence we celebrate his defeat, it stressed regarding the tightening of the economic, commercial, and financial blockade by Trump.

This organization highlighted the plenty of actions in France and the world to condemn U.S. hostility and call for the end of the blockade; however, it considered that we must go beyond.

Signing petitions and participating in meetings and demonstrations in favor of the island is important, but ‘What can we do to specifically help the Cuban people?’

In this sense, CubaCoop expressed its commitment to the realization of projects with an economic and social impact on Cuba and its inhabitants, such as those carried out in the past 20 years in the water, renewable energy, environmental sanitation and culture sectors, among others.

The association highlighted the recent statements by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who reiterated the willingness to maintain a constructive relationship with the United States, based on respect for differences, a position established in the wake of the triumph of former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in the Nov.3 election.

Since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, the island has shown that willingness, it acknowledged. (Prensa Latina)