Cuba will never renounce socialism, political leader states

Havana, Oct 29.- The organizational secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Roberto Morales, on Friday expressed the people’s will to never give up prosperous and sustainable socialism.
At the opening session of the 22nd International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, which is taking place in the Cuban capital until Saturday, the PCC leader noted that the defense of his country is a prioritized task.

Morales thanked participants for their solidarity with Cuba in the fight against the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States more than 60 years ago.

“Imperialism fears the example, even greater, of a Cuba without a blockade, and what this would mean in favor of the socialist ideal, which is why it insists on reinforcing it by all possible means,” he stressed.

He added that at the 8th PCC Congress, held in April 2021, the ideas, concepts and guidelines that lead Cuban communists and revolutionaries in the current period were approved.

We are convinced that only socialism can guarantee national sovereignty and independence, he told more than 160 guests from all continents at the meeting.

Morales noted that Cuba is working hard on the recovery of the economy, the strengthening of ideology, the preservation of peace and national unity.

The political leader stated that in the ideological order, Cuba prioritizes education, history, culture, science and the political preparation of the people in the face of attempts at cultural colonization, “which translates, at the same time, into a form of direct confrontation with Yankee imperialism.”

The PCC leader explained that unity is one of the main purposes that participants in the event will defend, and stated that to make it resistant and solid, “we must consolidate it on the basis of respect for the historic frameworks and the particularities of each of our countries and political processes.”

(Taken from Prensa Latina)