Cuba praises medical cooperation against enemy manipulation

Havana, May 2.- The altruistic example of Cuban health personnel in countries around the world knocks down media manipulation and attempts by the US Government to discredit the professional work of hundreds of doctors, National Director of Epidemiology Dr. Francisco Duran said.


The expert from the Ministry of Public Health highlighted that Cuba has health collaborators in 65 countries and has 25 brigades of the Henry Reeve contingent, ready to work in distant places where no one goes and where they face harsh conditions and are at risk of their lives.

In a press conference, Durán recalled that this attitude was present at the time of the Ebola outbreak in Africa, and now with Covid-19, whose first doctors and technicians left for Lombardy, Italy, at moments of high numbers of infections and deaths.

He stressed that internationalism is a characteristic of the Cuban health system and Revolution, which has shown much heroism throughout the world.

We have all been aware of the manipulation that has been done on the role of health personnel in Bolivia, Ecuador and Brazil, but above that are the humanitarian values of the Cuban people.

Currently, Cuba has sent, at the request of the their governments, 22 medical teams to 24 nations to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. (Latin Press)