Cuba looks for new ways to solve economic problems

Havana, Jul 19 .- Cuban authorities are looking for measures that will allow solving the economic problems exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and guarantee development as a driving force.


Cuba’s efforts point to paths that allow, above all, guaranteeing food production and developing various spheres of industry and commerce, without neglecting the fight against the pandemic.

Cuba’s Economy and Finance Minister Alejandro Gil outlined recently a group of ideas that are beginning to be applied, such as the approval of micro, small and medium-sized companies, which is a novelty for Cuba.

This mechanism will allow companies, of any category, both state and private, to export their goods and services focused on a fundamental aspect: quality.

Some points raised by the minister of economy aim to maintain planning and centralized management, set aside the import mindset, encourage competitiveness, savings and preserve environmental policy.

Regulation of the market via indirect methods, a complement to economic ‘actors,’ implementing clear aspects of management, are in this list of procedures.

The revitalizing role of domestic demand in the economy was yet another of the key elements mentioned by the minister, along with providing greater management autonomy to the state business sector. (Prensa Latina)