Cuba for Respectful Relations with the United States

Lima, Jan 11 .-Cuba prefers a civilized coexistence with the United States, but is willing to resist in any other scenario the hostility of that country, warned the Cuban ambassador to Peru, Sergio Gonzalez.


The diplomat spoke in a tribute to the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, organized by the Free Peru party, in the wide auditorium of the Telephone Workers Union.

After reviewing the history of six decades of resistance of his people against the permanent US hostility since the revolutionary victory achieved by Cuba’s independence, the economic, commercial and financial blockade, the collapse of socialism in Europe, he highlighted the Peruvian solidarity in such circumstances.

He evoked in this sense the dignified attitude of Peruvian Foreign Minister Raul Porras, who in August 1960, at a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS), the United States proposed banning revolutionary Cuba and Porras manifested against it, disregarding his country’s oligarchic government’s instructions.

He later pointed out that Washington intends to blame Cuba for all the region’s problems and stated that revolutions cannot be exported, but neither can they be impeded and their causes are still in force throughout the continent and a large part of the world.

‘We have suffered and learned to live in a confrontation scenario, although we do not want it. We prefer to live together in a civilized way, in a peaceful, respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with the United States’, he assured.

However, he remarked that ‘we are determined and prepared to resist any other scenario, the most difficult of them, if the most lucid opinions of that country do not manage to stop the government’s blunders.

He also said that the dialectic aggression-resistance is far from being overcome, because ‘the genocidal eagerness of our enemies persists and has resulted in the terrible balance of 3,478 deaths and 2,099 disabilities; the lying campaigns to denigrate the Revolution and its leaders.

The economic, commercial and financial blockade which every year costs us 4,321 million dollars and other political and diplomatic actions to isolate us persist’, he continued.

‘We are already going through 12 U.S. administrations which have not ceased in their efforts to forcibly change the Cuban regime using one way or another, with greater or lesser aggressiveness’, added the Cuban ambassador, quoting former president Raul Castro.

The US government’s rhetoric and actions, and the accompaniment of some lackey governments, keep us on alert. Washington is taking the Monroe Doctrine out of its clothes to try to break the election of progressive countries and the anti-capitalist and anti-neo-liberal spirit of the region.

On the other hand, he ratified Cuba’s full solidarity with Venezuela and Nicaragua, which have suffered aggression acts already endured by Cubans.

Gonzalez also stressed the importance of approving the new Cuban constitution, which will be ratified in February 24 in referendum, after a consultation process in more than 133,000 citizen assemblies which determined modification of 60 percent of the articles of the first version.

‘Six decades after the Triumph of the Revolution, which enshrined Cubans’ yearnings for independence and dignity, 150 years after the first constitution, we can look with satisfaction at a glorious trajectory, a free country and trust that, being owners of our destiny, it will be fuller, more socialist and prosperous’, he declared.

Aida Garcia Naranjo; sociologist and social fighter Hector Bejar; and the leaders of Peru Libre Yuri Montes and Jose Requena greeted the anniversary. (Prensa Latina)