Cuba denounces increased US aggression

Havana, Jun 2.- A high official from de Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Cuba’s future ties with the United States will depend on what the US political class and other sectors allow the White House to do.


In an interview with Prensa Latina, Ambassador Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, director of the United States Relation Department at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, disqualified the inclusion of Cuba in a list of nations that supposedly do not collaborate to fight terrorism.

‘(?) In any sense, the US aggression against Cuba has undoubtedly increased. Now, what can be expected from the future, how far could the present US government go, that depends on what the US political class allows (?)’, he stated.

Fernandez de Cossio noted that ‘there are many US sectors and politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, who supported the rapprochement with Cuba that took place in 2015 and 2016, which they considered a positive step for US foreign policy.’

‘Therefore, the US Government and its conduct can go as far as these groups and sectors within the United States allow’, he said.

Regarding the terrorist attack on the Cuban Embassy in Washington on April 30 and, paradoxically, the US decision to include Cuba in a questioned list, Fernandez de Cossío stressed that this was just a ‘flimsy and mendacious’ excuse.

‘There are bilateral agreements signed in recent years under which there are concrete and recent expressions of cooperation with the US Government about fighting terrorism. Some of the examples are very beneficial, especially for the United States,’ he said.

‘The most important thing is that this is a unilateral list, a US State Department’s list that is not endorsed, recognized or even approved by any international organization’, Fernandez de Cossio stressed.

The Cuban diplomat added the US Department of State draws up some lists to ‘discredit, attack, denigrate or justify coercive economic measures against States that defend their own sovereignty and are not subordinated to the will of the US Government’.

The senior official from the Cuban Foreign Ministry also referred to the US Department of State’s silence about the attack on the Cuban Embassy by a Cuban-born US citizen who fired 32 times at the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington with an intention to kill anyone inside.

We have given all this time, at least the benefit of the doubt, so that they could pronounce themselves (the United States), he noted.

‘But life increasingly proves that this complicit silence from the US Government is because it is so hard for them to make such a statement and to separate themselves from continuing instigation of violence and links with terrorists who live and have been protected inside that country,’ he added. (Prensa Latina)