Cuba calls on the UN to ensure safe and cooperative cyberspace

United Nations, Feb 14.- Cuba called here to join efforts to guarantee a useful, profitable, peaceful, safe, open and cooperative cyberspace that contributes to the materialization of the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The Cuban delegation’s intervention was part of the activities planned for the Second Substantive Session of the Open-ended Working Group of the UN General Assembly.

The event focused on analyzing the advances in the field of information and telecommunications in the context of international security.

On these issues, Cuban expert Miguel Gutierrez explained, norms of behavior that complement the principles of International Law and the United Nations Charter must be implemented urgently.

Among them, he said, are respect for the sovereign equality of States, territorial integrity, non-intervention in the internal affairs of States, and the non-use of force or the threats to use it, he said.

States have the main responsible for the preservation of international peace and security in this area, given its impact on the development and implementation of regulations and policies, Gutierrez said.

The expert, who works at the Cuban Communications Ministry, referred to a group of trends and threats that can be observed today in relation to ICTs and outlined how these technologies do not represent a threat in themselves, but rather their potential illicit uses that could affect international peace and security. (Prensa Latina)