Alabama to Protest Immigration Law

Washington, Dec 17. -Alabama is bracing for two days of protests against the immigration law currently in force in this state, considered by many the most severe law throughout the United States.Civil-rights and pro-immigrant groups organized the program of activities, including a march Saturday in Montgomery, from the headquarters of Congress, to the government house.

The demonstration is scheduled to conclude at night with speeches by activists from the group Freedom Riders, who toured southern United States by bus.

The protest is also expected to be attended by Ben Jealous, who is the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Black People, and Janet Murguia, who is in charge of the National Council La Raza, according to local press reports.

The new immigration regulations make it a crime to fail to carry an ID and give police powers to check the immigration status of anyone.

It also prevents companies and small businesses, including basic services, from signing contracts with undocumented customers.

In education, the regulation requires public schools to verify the residence of students and their parents.

The rejection of immigration policies is also one of the topics included in the program of demands made to the Government of President Barack Obama by "the outraged" movement since September 17 in the United States. (Prensa Latina)