Cuba Announces Regulations for the Expansion of IT in Society

Havana, May 30 .-Cuba’s Ministry of Communications has announced a series of regulations aimed at continuing to develop the IT expansion of society in an orderly and secure manner, and a better use of radio space.


In a press conference, the Cuban Vice Minister of the mentioned portfolio, Ana Julia Marine, explained that to fulfill this purpose, resolutions 98 on the use of High Speed Wireless Systems and 99 on Private Data Networks were approved.

She pointed out that the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba establishes in its Article 11 that the State exerts its sovereignty over the radioelectric space, which constitutes a limited resource, cannot be sold as property, has permanent validity and is not subject to seizure.

On the regulation – published from this Wednesday in the Official Gazette – the Director of Regulations of the Ministry of Communications, Wilfredo Lopez, stressed that the creation of private data networks is authorized for natural persons, in addition to the legal ones.

Natural persons may use in private networks frequencies from the band 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz and the band 5725 MHz to 5850 MHz, Lopez said.

Both resolutions, apart from contributing to the well-being of citizens by increasing communication channels and greater access to new technologies, will prevent interference in the radio-electronic spectrum and the prevention of harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation, the authorities stressed at the press conference.

The regulations enter into force within 60 days of their publication in the Official Gazette. (Prensa Latina)