Cuba announces new financial measures for science

Havana, May 30.-  The Ministry of Finance and Prices announced in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba on Friday new measures in monetary matters to benefit science and innovation.

Resolution 128 of 2020 published by Cubadebate indicates that these measures seek to promote the development of science, technology and innovation, and the economic growth of the country.

The new resolution authorizes the budgeted institutions that carry out science, technology and innovation activities to have bank accounts in national currency so they can collect and pay at the prices established by mutual agreement to cover this kind of activity.

This is the case of the budgeted universities and research centers that carry the vast majority of science and development activities in our country.

The note also informs that some entities, such as the University of Havana, already have a bank account and is preparing to stimulate the corresponding processes with this new financial modality. (Prensa Latina)