[:es]Cuba and Jamaica Want to Reinforce InterParliamentary Work[:]


Havana, Jan 30 .-Esteban Lazo, president of Cuba’s Popular Power National Assembly and Tomas Tavares, head of the Senate of Jamaica, advocated for reinforcing the inter-parliamentary work in the Caribbean, in their meeting Monday.

‘We can do many activities together, we have been looking at the Cuban political situation very closely and we share the topic for Caribbean unity, just like Cubans,’ said Tomas Tavares, when he was received by Esteban Lazo at the Popular Power National Assembly’s venue.

‘Cuba and Jamaica may place themselves at the head of the work between the different assemblies in the Caribbean. Our history is deep, large, we deeply aprreciate the help of Cuba in the sectors of public health and education, and in the training of human resources,’ Tavares added.

The Jamaican government promotes the teaching of Spanish, and the goal is to convert that language into the second language used in the nation, said the visitor, and this, he added, will contribute greatly to strengthening bilateral relations.

‘My country, he said, will continue its rejection of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for more than half a century.’

Lazo supported the idea of ​​working among the parliamentarians of the Caribbean, always bearing in mind the importance of regional integration.

He specified that 230 Cuban collaborators work in Jamaica, 603 young people from there graduated in Cuba and another 42 are in the process of formation.

The Cuban parliamentary leader thanked his counterpart for his position on the US blockade, which violates international law and the nations’ right to free trade, he said.

‘We will continue to work, to recover from the ravages caused by Hurricane Irma that punished the Cubans last September, but at the same time, building a prosperous and sustainable socialism,’ Lazo added.

‘Cuba will continue its struggles for the noble causes, for a more just, equitable world, and for the dignity of the human being,’ assured the head of the Cuban Parliament. (Prensa Latina)