Cuba affirms US lacks moral authority to promote peace

On his Twitter account, the minister referred to Washington’s divisive strategy by criticizing US President Joe Biden’s speech during the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, at which he praised his commitments to multilateral organizations.

President Biden’s administration is making a serious mistake, with consequences for all, in its efforts to split the world between those who submit to it and those who defend their sovereign right to self-determination with dignity, the FM pointed out.

Rodriguez also noted that the disguised implementation of President Donald Trump’s erroneous and dangerous foreign policy (2017-2021) makes the current US Government accountable for the damage caused to international peace and stability, and its serious consequences.

The head of Cuban diplomacy stated that the biggest threat to the US is growing political polarization and extremism within its territory, and for Latin America the imposition of the imperialist Monroe Doctrine.

In his speech at the UN on Tuesday, President Biden sought to dissociate himself from his predecessor, Donald Trump, and noted that the United States is ‘back at the table in international forums, especially at the United Nations, to focus attention and boost global actions on shared challenges.’

(Prensa Latina)