Artist Ileana Mulet Prepares New Pictorial Tribute to Havana

Havana, Jul 8 .-The artist Ileana Mulet will pay tribute to Havana on the occasion of the city’s 500th anniversary with a pictorial exhibition that the Colonial Art Museum began to assemble on Saturday.


The exhibition, to be held from July 12 to August 30, will show a series of paintings and poetry under a confession turned into a title: The City Gives Me No Respite.

A few years ago, the artist, who graduated from the San Alejandro Academy of Art, discovered and accepted the need to express herself through words, as a complement to colors and shapes on cardboards or canvases.

Many artists pay tribute to Havana in 2019 on its 500th anniversary, to be celebrated in mid-November.

Mulet, who has proved to be an excellent costume designer, is preparing a fashion show inspired in the city she imagines, she said.

The new exhibition will show 23 works, acrylics, oils on canvase and a suggestive group of poems and instalations that depict the transit of its inhabitants through the old and busy city, which is in permanent construction or in constant reverie.(Prensa Latina)