[:es]Chess player from Santa Cruz del Sur wins a Pan-American Championship[:]

[:es]FIDE Master Maydelín Cárdenas Ballester represented Cuba in the Absolute and Female Amateur Pan-American Championship celebrated recently in Guano City, Chimborazo province, Ecuador.

Cárdenas Ballester finished ninth in the absolute tournament and was the best lady. For that reason, she received the title of Female Amateur Pan-American Champion U2300, winning the direct classification to Amateur World Championship to be celebrated in Italy next year.

Nine countries participated in the event: Cuba, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Aruba and Ecuador, in opened categories, U-1700, U-2000 y U-2300. The competition was not by ages but by ELO ranking of FIDE.

Cuba was represented by three chess players, they were: FIDE Master Michel René Machado from Las Tunas province; National Master Eddy Ernesto Enrique Hernández from Mayabeque and FIDE Master Maydelín Cárdenas Ballester from our hometown. (Translated by Yaima Báez)