Popular Power rendering accounts about to finish in Southern Camaguey

Popular Power rendering accounts about to finish in Southern CamagueyCruz del Sur, Nov 23. –The southernmost territory of Camagüey reaches a 97.9 per cent fulfilment of the Assembly for Rendering Accounts from the delegates to their electors, when there is only seven meetings left to be developed according to the schedule.

More than 24 thousand electors have gone with their representatives to the appointment and some 669 commissions have been created among the neighbors in order to solve the problems concerning the community.  

The road situation is one of the most debate-generating issues, because of the situation existing nowadays in southern Camaguey. The other mater is the one related with the lack of public lights in places where it is very important to have this, subject to which the Basic Electric Organization is responsible for.

The strategy of the public lights respond to the call on energy saving made by the Revolution, although it is been proved that the low voltages situation is indeed a problem to be solved by the Local OBE, depending on the entrance of the necessary resources to face this problem. . (Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)