Camagüey´s Youth will enrich the draft of the Constitution


Camagüey, Aug 17. – Camagüey´s youth has the opportunity to participate in the process of popular consultation for the project of Constitution of the Republic, which takes place in all of Cuba until the next month of November.

The debate features that this age group discuss the document both in their workplaces and in the communities where they reside, and starting from next September in centers of secondary and higher education.

In the territory of Camagüey there will be 206 meetings in schools to which students of the Federation of Students of the Educational Media (FEEM), and 83 in the universities, i.e., whose protagonists will be members of the Federation of University Student (FEU).

Dailanis Peña, Member of the Provincial Bureau of the Young Communist League (UJC), said to Radio Cadena Agramonte that students will begin analysis on August 27, University of Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay, and then at the other educational campuses.

As also explained the leader of the UJC, Member of the provincial Committee of the popular consultation, Camagüey has 77 duos composed of young people, who will guide the analysis at the base and ensure the organization, quality and delivery time of the documentation containing all the approaches that arise in these exchanges about the Magna Carta.

“It is a historic moment, so the criterion of youth is important throughout this process. The opportunity afforded us to review, modify and make contributions to the document reaffirms the democratic character of the reform, which is enriched with the ideas of everyone and especially the new generations,” said Dailanis.

New generations have always been protagonists of the fundamental processes that develop the country, and in this case are particularly relevant, because it’s the law of laws which will lead the destiny of a nation that is transformed for the good of his people.

Therefore, Cuban Youth must contribute to the quality and organization of the meetings in schools and communities in the province. In addition, doing so with a sense of belonging and civic-mindedness, transcendental elements to achieve a Constitution that looks like more to Cuba and its people. (Jorge Luis Moreira Massagué / Radio Cadena Agramonte.) (Photo: File)