Camagüey Prepares Hotel Infrastructure for the Next Five Years

Camaguey, Cuba, May 3 .-In a region that aims to become a potential tourist destination of Cuba, all the conditions are ready to expand its hotel capacity, informed directors of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur).


‘For this year we finished the hotels Plata Real, in Santa Lucia; and San Juan de Dios, in the main city, however, the strongest is to prepare conditions to incorporate in 2020 new rooms with better standards of comfort,’ said Bertha Rodriguez, Mintur specialist.

The second half of the year is crucial in a province that has more than 20 percent of Cuba’s beaches, and one of the oldest cities on the island, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and that will have as a strong investment in nearby project, the hotels Havana, Palacio Pichardo, and La Gran Via, former local prison, said Rodriguez.

‘We want to have everything ready between 2020 and 2025, constructive programs that include a dolphinarium in St. Lucia, which carries some imports, plus a leisure club in the extra hotel, as well as improvements in nautical services,’ said the administrative.

For the principal villa, founded in February 1514, ‘we intend to incorporate new rooms with higher standards of quality to take advantage of the heritage that enhances the properties,’ added Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, the Santa Lucia resort, in the north of the province, which houses the most important coral reef in the Caribbean, will undergo a similar stage of remodeling at the Brisas hotel, as well as at the facilities of the national chain Isla Azul, while the Spanish Melia also operates in Camagüey.

Canada, Russia, Italy, France and the United States are the main markets emitting to the territory, where the interests of important tour operators act in the region to promote this city and its surroundings among the main tourist destinations of the largest of the Antilles and the Caribbean.