[:es]Austria-Cuba Group Gives Lecture on Guantanamo Naval Base’ Illegality[:]


Vienna, Apr 7 .-Organized by the Austrian-Cuban Friendship Association, specialists from Havana gave a keynote speech on the reality of the illegal occupation of the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, east of Cuba.


The event was held at the University of Vienna where Adriana Nirvia Silvente Milhet, official of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), and Ofelia Garcia, professor at the Guantanamo University, presented their arguments with the assistance of academicians, students and friends of solidarity, as well as members of the Cuban Embassy.

The speakers explained the historical moment in which the occupation by the United States of that portion of the national territory began, its social, economic and political consequences, not only in the closest communities (Caimanera and Boqueron) but also for the people of Guantanamo and all of Cuba.

They highlighted all human damages of that usurpation ‘that has generated aggressions, provocations, insults and shots made by American soldiers; violations of the waters and the territory of Cuba by military vessels and aircraft; as well as abuses and murders of residents of the area.’

They illustrated with concrete examples to the participants about the offense felt by Cubans, Guantanamo residents, and the residents of Caimanera and Boqueron, for the use of that territory as the scenario where human rights violations are committed.

The specifically addressed the fact that Washington maintains a maximum security prison in that military enclave since 2002 through an order of the then President George W. Bush, turned into a torture center whose closure has been demanded by the international community in several forums.

Participants thanked the presentation and encouraged an exchange of views, as well as expressed their sensitivity and solidarity towards the island and the just claim of the Cuban people on the return of the 117 square kilometers of national territory illegally occupied by the United States.

The event was held within the framework of the Campaign against Foreign Military Bases and in support of Cuba’s claims on that portion of the country.  (Prensa Latina)