Setback of Chilean Gov’t at Parliament

Santiago, Chile, Dec 14. -The Chilean government faces as of Wednesday a new setback in the Parliament, after the rejection of the parliamentary groups opposed to the salary adjustment project for civil service.With 55 votes for and 58 against, the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday rejected the Senate report on the five percent salary adjustment, a vote approved by public servers who demand a 9.8 percent pay raise.

Parties of the Chilean opposition with parliamentary representation determined the approval of the legal initiative at the end of massive layoffs in the mentioned sector, a practice they attributed a political bias.

The administration of Sebastian Piñera on Tuesday night found a second setback in the Congress, when the Joint Commission created to resolve discrepancies between senators and legislators also condemned the bill, which should be informed today in both chambers.

Regarding accusations by the National Association of Public Employees and the Teachers Association about a wave of layoffs underway, Ricardo Lagos, senator of the Party for Democracy, stated the government lost modesty on that matter.

People are being dismissed due to political reasons, their ideas, said the legislator, who noted that only 1,500 workers lost their job in the last week. (Prensa Latina)