Album dedicated to Miguel Matamoros nominated for Cubadisco Awards

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 26.- The nomination to the 2021 Cubadisco Awards of ‘Juramento, Antologia Matamorina’, the latest album by the Ecos del Tivoli septet, is another satisfaction for the group, which was founded nearly 30 years ago.


Featuring Puerto Rican and Cuban singers, the album, which was released by the BisMusic recording label and was produced by Jose Manuel Garcia, contains 30 songs composed by Miguel Matamoros, the director of the famous Matamoros trio, which took Cuban music all over the world.

The good news is also part of the preparations to celebrate the Day of Cuban Son (a musical genre) on May 8, on the occasion of Matamoros’s birthday in 1894.

Among the Puerto Rican singers who accompanied the Cuban septet are Gilberto Santa Rosa, Choco Orta, Andy Montañes, Danny Rivera, cuatro player Edwin Colon and the bassist from Gran Combo, Eddy Rivera.

Maria Victoria Rodriguez, Haydee Milanes, Mayito Rivera, Zulema Iglesias, Sixto Llorente, Ruben Leliebre, Lazaro Bandera and Joaquin Solorzano are some of the Cuban artists who participated in the recording, the seventh musical production by Ecos del Tivoli. (Prensa Latina)