[:es]A Very Tourist Havana to Celebrate 500 Years[:]


Havana, Jun 29 .-With travelers from all over the world, Havana launched its campaign to celebrate its 500th anniversary that will justify in 2019 the growing spiral of tourism in this capital.


Founded on November 16, from this Thursday and until that date of next year when it turns five centuries, the city is preparing to exalt its beauty and increase the attention of the rest of the planet.

Precisely in the Museum of the City (Palace of the General Captains) in Old Havana, the Vice President of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power, Tatiana Viera, summoned a whole movement that includes each of the spheres of society.

She recalled that we are 506 days from that birthday, with a record of 16,000 objects of works and the satisfaction of 7,600 claims of the inhabitants of this town.

A new, very colorful and youthful poster and a strong program monopolize investments, repair and maintenance works, detailed the official.