Cuban Cinema Festival Opens in Greece

Cuban Cinema Festival Opens in GreeceAthens, Jan 12 .- A season of Cuban cinema is running in this capital on Jan.10-14, organized on occasion of the 56th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

At least 26 Cuban contemporary films and documentaries will be screened.

The opening session was attended by Cuban analyst Alejandro Castro, who is on a visit to Greece; President of the Asociation of Friendship and Solidarity Greece-Cuba, Nikos Karandreas, and a group of local artists who sang and recited poems in a night devoted to internationalist solidarity.

Castro thanked the Greek people for the significant support offered to Cuba through the years and said that the Cuban people will continue defending the same principles for which the country has received broad world solidarity.

Kanandreas also referred to those values as he remembered that for 56 years Cuba has placed "friendship and fraternity among peoples over the interests of capitalist powers that sow barbarity in the world to the detriment of the human beings."

Meanwhile, Cuban Ambassador Osvaldo Cobacho highlighted the significant role of the Greek solidarity organizations, including a Free the Five Committee that fought for the release of The Cuban Five heroes unfairly held in U.S. prisons.

Participants enjoyed the long feature film Kangamba by filmmaker Rogelio Paris, about the decisive actions of Cuban troops in the war of liberation of Angola against the forces of the apartheid regime of South Africa. (Prensa Latina)