Latin Americans and Europeans Congrat Fidel Castro

Latin Americans and Europeans Congrat Fidel Castro Havana, Aug 14 .- Latin Americans and Europeans congratulated the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on occasion of his 87th birthday.

In Berlin, a political-cultural event held at the GBM Gallery of that capital celebrated the birthday of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

The event was presided over by Cuban ambassador to Germany Raul Becerra Egaña, in the presence of Vera Dhele ThÃñlmann, granddaughter of the German Communist leader Ernst ThÃñlmann, and members of the diplomatic staff in Berlin.

Organizations of solidarity with Cuba in Berlin and Chemnitz, members of an Association of Cubans, the Association for Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity in Germany, journalists, and artists, also attended the activity.

In Colombian, the edition in one volume of the book "Fidel Castro Ruz, Guerrillero del Tiempo" (Fidel Castro Ruz, Timeless Guerrilla Fighter), was launched, on occasion of the 87th birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

With a full hall at the Founding of the Colombian Autonomous University auditorium, the book, by Cuban writer Katiuska Blanco, was published by the Izquierda Viva publishing house, and includes pictures taken from files of the weekly newspaper Voz.

Professor Alvaro Oviedo, who participated in this project, highlighted how the two original volumes were compiled into one, without sacrificing the content and being fully faithful to the text of the author.

In Ecuador, Cubans and Ecuadorians celebrated the birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution with songs, dances, and allegorical poems.

The "Eloy Alfaro" Multinational Association of Ecuadorian Students and Graduates in Cuba organized the tribute, and its president, Cristina Aldaz, expressed gratitude for the Cuban Revolution and its historic leader for the opportunity to study and being professional.

Aldaz reaffirmed the strength of the graduates in Cuba to prove what the socialism of the island has been capable of achieving under conditions of war, which she described as robbery, terrorism, and media. (Prensa Latina)