Cuba Readies for the 2012 Population and Housing Census

Cuba Readies for the 2012 Population and Housing CensusPreparations for the 2012 Population and Housing Census is in a decisive stage, with a view to its implementation throughout Cuba starting from September 15.

Over 70,000 Cuban Students and Professors to Participate in Population Census

Alexander Rodriguez, head of the National Office of Statistics and Information and vice-president of the Census explained that there are 1,578 census areas, the data of which will be processed by over 15,700 workers, in addition to a high number of persons that will visit houses and lodging units to interview their residents and compile information, and supervisors that will verify the quality of this work.

All of them will participate, as of Tuesday, in training seminars in all provinces.

Close to 72,000 students and professors will support this task, which will end on September 24. The ones in charge of applying the census questionnaire will be mainly some 53,800 students, 4,500 of which are from universities.

Juan Carlos Alfonso, national director of the Census, said that four million copies of an information supplement are being distributed, with the questionnaire of the population and housing census and other aspects of interest. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)