Increased use of natural and traditional medicine

Increased use of natural and traditional medicine Ciego de Avila, Cuba, May 28. – Natural and traditional medicine has gained importance in health centers in this Cuban province used to prevent and diagnose diseases and employ treatments of rehabilitation.

Within this field of Cuban health is the use of natural medicines derived from medicinal plants and from bee farms such as honey, royal jelly and propulsion.

Ciego de Avila, about 267 miles east of Havana, has 10 laboratories for the production of 430,700 units of plant medicine, Misleni González, specialist in the field, told Prensa Latina.

González explained that the medicines most in demand by the population are anti colds, anti parasitic, anti inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic creams and anti depression products.

The region also has clinics for treatment with acupuncture, a thousand year old method that is economic, harmless and free from secondary effects used to alleviate pain or cure other health problems.

The Antonio Luaces provincial hospital uses surgical analgesics, and acupressure for patients who will undergo operations that reduce the dosis of anesthesia, provokes less bleeding and aids in a better recovery.

According to scientific studies results of natural and traditional medicine are very efficient and also beneficial for the patient because it leaves no chemical residues in the body, is cheaper and boosts the immunological system.(Prensa Latina)