Brutal Fest: Metal Rock Festival Starts in Cuba

Brutal Fest: Metal Rock Festival Starts in CubaHavana, Cuba, Aug 15.-  Cuban metal rock bands will make their sound be heard during what they have called the “Brutal Fest” concert that will kick off August 16 in different major Cuban cities.

Concerts are scheduled to take place in Havana, western Pinar del Rio and Santa Clara cities and eastern Holguin and Camaguey, said Ramiro Pupo member of the Cuban Rock Agency, which organized the event.

As it is commonplace for rock bands around the world, in Cuba they adopt names quite relevant to this particular music style, such as Combat Noise, Konflict, Mortuory, as well as Escape, Chlover, Narbeleth, Cry Out For and others.

David Chape, representative of the French Label Brutal Beatdown Records, which also sponsors the event, said that this festival includes the participation of foreign bands in an effort to allow for the exchange between rock musicians from Cuba and abroad.

Chape said that among the foreign bands confirmed for the festival are France’s Inhumate, Costa Rica’s Colemesis, Britain’s Pariso, US’s She’s Still Death and others from Belgium and Switzerland.

Tattoos could not be excluded from the festival, so they will be present in an exhibit that also includes rock videos at the Havana Maxim Rock concert hall.

On August 26, all bands at the festival will get together at the Maxim for the closing concert, which is the fourth of its kind and the only one dedicated to hardcore-metal rock, with international participation.

Since its first version in 2008, Brutal Fest has been organized by the Cuban Rock Agency, the Music Institute and France’s Brutal Beatdown Recors Label. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)