Pres. Funes to Visit Mexico After Tamaulipas Slaughter

Pres. Funes to Visit Mexico After Tamaulipas SlaughterSan Salvador, Sep 1. -Mauricio Funes, president of El Salvador, is to visit Mexico in September and security in light of the massacre in Tamaulipas will cap his agenda.

Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez did not announce the specific date of the trip but said the trip to Mexico is a top priority in his busy agenda for the month.

In a letter to President Calderon, Funes asked to discuss an antidrug drive in light of the murder of 72 emigrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador and Brazil.

Funes said the events in Tamaulipas exposes the power and reach of organized crime, while preliminary reports indicate the Los Zetas gang murdered the immigrants. (Prensa Latina)