Over 390,000 Cubans Have Joined the Private Sector

Over 390,000 Cubans Have Joined the Private SectorHavana, Cuba, Aug 3.- More than 390 thousand Cubans have thus far joined the self-employment sector according to the most recent report released by the Labor and Social Security Ministry (MTSS).

The information explains that by the end of the first half of the year, hired workers by other self-employees were the majority.

While the most popular modalities of self-employment were processing and expending foodstuffs, house and room rentals and cargo and passenger transportation.

The report also explains that out of the total of self-employed workers, 69 percent is made up of citizens who were not involved in any working activity before, while 15 percent had retired from their previous employment.

In an effort to encourage the development of self-employment, authorities have established more flexible regulations allowing private workers to market their goods and services at state-owned entities and hire labor. They can also access credit lines to purchase necessary resources for their activities. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).