Cattle-handling Facilities Recovered in Camagüey

Cattle-handling Facilities Recovered in CamagüeyCamagüey, July 30  Cuba’s Minister for Agriculture Gustavo Rodríguez checked the recovery and development program of dairy farms that will deliver their product to the powdered milk processing plant that is under construction in Camagüey province.

The Minister for Agriculture said that it is still early to see the results but considered that it is decisive to rebuild the productive base in order to deliver a quality product to this plant.

Once fully operational, the new factory will make 2,500 tons of powdered milk per year, representing six percent of the total Cuba imports nowadays, a product that fetches more than 4,000 dollars a tonne on the international market.

The investment, mounting 13 millions Cuban pesos, includes the assembly of Chinese-built equipment in a premise that is being conditioned in the Milk Pasteurization Plant located in the city of Camagüey.

Daily, over 300 dairy farms will sell some 60,000 liters of cow milk to be processed in the plant.

Gustavo Rodríguez also insisted on the fact that recovering livestock feed-mills and planting pasture and foraging crops is essential to guarantee animal feed for the next year.

A dramatic productive rise characterizes the dairy production in Camaguey province at present and this has allowed accumulating more than 38 million liters of milk sold to the industry, a sum which was much better if compared to the same period last year.  (Radio Cadena Agramonte).