Obama Exploits Cuban Topic During Visits to Florida

Obama Exploits Cuban Topic During Visits to FloridaWashington, Jul 17.- In full electoral mode and virtually tied with his Republican rival in the polls, President Barack Obama has prioritized Florida over the last few weeks, a key state in the November 6 presidential elections.

The president counted on help from his wife Michelle, whose presence unleashed controversy when she presided over a campaign act at an educational center, where she called the audience to vote for her husband.

In an interview with a Miami television channel, the US president defended his decision to relax key points in US policy towards Cuba, chiefly restrictions against travel and the sending of remittances which had been imposed by his predecessor, George W. Bush.

As expected in the environment of the southern state, Obama insisted on a changed political stance from the Cuban government as a condition for the possible improvement of bilateral relations.

Obama's activities in Florida are not limited to his physical presence nor that of his wife, but coincide with other activities at the federal level which despite being regularly scheduled activities, now are taking on an electoral character.

The recent annoucement of an increase of funds for subversive actions against Cuba also helps the president to seek supporters among the most extremist sectors of Cuban immigration.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) called on June 28 for the implementation of a large anti-Cuban action plan.

The proposal includes two so-called cooperation agreements valued at $3 million USD apiece, over a three-year period, and will be allocated to anti-government groups in Cuba, as well as to providing information to Cubans that the US government considers important. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).