Paraguay Awakening, Says Fernando Lugo

Paraguay Awakening, Says Fernando LugoAsuncion, Jul 16.- Toppled President Fernando Lugo announced the existence of a Paraguay that is waking up because the people express their outrage for the coup against democracy.

Lugo attended an outdoor cultural event called "Golpe a Golpe, Verso a Verso" in downtown Asuncion, where artists and residents gathered to express their rejection of the current government, as part of almost daily activities by "Paraguay Resists."

Photograph exhibitions, documentaries, folk music, and other cultural activities, as well as statements against last June 22 parliamentary coup, were included in the cultural event.

The organizers called the people for the event through social networks and said that the political act is a way of resist the putschits with creativity and joy.

Following his exchange with participants, Lugo said that history is also written with people's art letters, which in this case represents the feeling of the population, and their outrage for what happened in this country. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).