Teacher Training Closes Education Congress in Cuba

Teacher Training Closes Education Congress in Cuba Havana, Jul 13 . – The permanent training for teachers with the sight set on diversity care will close today two congresses on preschool and special education in Cuba, with the attendance of almost 300 delegates from 23 countries.

Participants in these two forums will debate on professional development, access for people with disabilities to be trained as professors, and the strengthening of competitions for visually impaired people's access to study at the university.

They also analyze national variants for the comprehensive care of first childhood, which according to experts, is one of the mainstays for the development of students' personality.

The International Congress of Education and Special Pedagogy and the 10th International Meeting of Primary and Preschool Education were being held in parallel since July 10 at the Havana's Conference Center.

Delegates from Angola, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Russia, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela, attend both events.

On July 11-12, participants visited one of almost 30 Havana schools, because the school year already concluded here. Some of them had the opportunity to prove on site the Cuban strategy on that matter.(Prensa Latina)