Cubans Explain National Economic Review in Canada

Ottawa, Jun 5. – A group of Cuban scholars lectured in Casa Maíz Cultural Center in Toronto, Canada, the development and importance of Cuba's economic up date at the event "Cuba 2012, Challenges of the 19th Century".

The Council of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Canada organized this lecture support from several Toronto-based solidarity groups.

Concepción Nieves Ayús, dean of Havana's Philosophy Institute, and Hugo Pons, vice president of the Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants, chaired the event that highlight the role of youth and ample involvement of the people in meeting the goals set with the government socio-economic review. Ayús and Pons also submitted a paper of the matter at Toronto University as part of a conference on the progress of anti-neoliberal efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean.(Prensa Latina)