Cuba Readies for National Day of Rebelliousness

Cuba Readies for National Day of Rebelliousness Havana, Jul 21. – Cuban authorities in the central province of Villa Clara are finetuning the details to host the main celebration of National Rebelliousness Day, to be held at Ernesto Che Guevara Square on July 26.

Hundreds of Cubans have been working every day to beautify the site, a major symbol in Villa Clara, the venue for the this year's national celebration.

Sergo Barreto, deputy head of the Che Guevara Sculptural Complex, told journalists that residents are repairing and painting walls and checking electrical and telephone systems.

They are also working on gardens around the historical site, which holds the remains of Che and his comrades fallen in Bolivia.

All this work started in June, after the results were released of a special friendly competition for the 57th anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada Garrison, with theSanta Clara province chosen as the venue for the main 26th of July celebration.

The decision was recognition for the province's successful efforts amidst a complex situation characterized by a battle against economic limitations triggered by the global crisis and the US economic, financial, commercial blockade against the island.(Prensa Latina)