US Students Seek Multi-topic Synergy in Cuba

Havana, May 28. – Students from the university of Woodbury in Los Angeles, US, are seeking multi-topic synergy in Cuba, as part of a first visit which according to its US promoter, Jeannette V. Fischer, could be repeated. The US university professor considered the project a unique experience, which implies exchanges in arts, society, academic knowledge, and mutual spiritual growth.

According to the National News Agency, the visit of the first group of US students is due to an intercultural communication program between Woodbury and Jose Marti Cultural Society.

Fisher highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the initiative which includes students from various degree courses, such as social communication, architecture, cinema, design, and economy, contributing to enlarge the horizons of exchange and including different fields.

Due to the professional and practical results, this will be the first group of many others to come, noted the coordinator of the project.(Prensa Latina)