Syria Criticizes Qatar´s Biased Stance

Damascus, Jan 9. -Syria criticized Qatar for insisting on adopting a biased and tendentious stance against it, an action that jeopardizes this country´s yearning for regional unity.The Syrian Representative to the Arab League, Yousef Ahmad, particularly criticized Qatar's Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassin al-Thani, stating that his biased comments about Syria are not congruent with his temporary post as President of the Arab Ministerial Council.

Ahmad´s harsh criticism was made after the AL Council of Ministers met on Sunday to assess the work of the observers´ mission to Syria and blamed Damascus for placing obstacles in the way of the inspectors.

Prior to that meeting in Cairo, Egypt, the United States, France and its Arab allies, including Qatar, pressured the AL and discredited the work of its envoys to Syria, where they have visited dozens of cities and towns as well as hospitals and jails without restrictions, and exchanged views with Syrians.

Al-Thani particularly accused Damascus for not fulfilling the agreements and asked to increase the mission, now comprised of 163 observers, to tackle the violence which he attributed exclusively to Syrian forces, without taking into account the flagrant violations and terrorist attacks of armed groups.

The Israeli DEBKAFile news website recently published an investigation showing how Qatar, aided by Saudi Arabia, strives to create an extremist force of intervention in Syria comprised of mercenaries from the region.

In the last few weeks, Syrian forces have foiled infiltration attempts of armed groups and seized a great number of weapons, including satellite communications equipment manufactured in Saudi Arabia. (Prensa Latina)