Russia Discards Possible Iranian Nuclear Attack on Israel

Russia Discards Possible Iranian Nuclear Attack on Israel Moscow, Mar 21. – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discarded the possibility of an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel, and warned on the current danger of encouraging an arms race in the Middle East.

Lavrov stated that Iran would never use nuclear weapons to attack Israel. That would be impossible if at least we take into account the fact that Palestine is located in that zone.

The diplomat also called the West to leave aside those plans to put an end the Iranian nuclear plan by force.

A U.S. and Israel military attack on atomic facilities in the Islamic Republic of Iran will force that country and others in the region to seek ways to build weapons of mass destruction, Lavrov said.

If now, recognized by the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. officials, there is no information about Iran's political decision to develop the atomic weapon, after an aggression, that decision might be made, Lavrov noted.

The Russian diplomat told Komersant radio that a military attack could speed up Teheran's nuclear program, but it will never close or eliminate it.(Prensa Latina)