Cuban Religious Leaders Demand End to U.S. Blockade

Cuban Religious Leaders Demand End to U.S. Blockade Havana, Mar 12. – Leaders from different religious groups demanded an end to the U.S. economic, trade and financial blockade on Cuba for over 50 years ago.

Muslims, Buddhists and Protestants see the blockade, which have caused more than 975 billion USD in losses, as an obstacle to the normal development of Cuban society and its relations with other countries.

"The blockade is not fair and it should be changed so we are better and bilateral relations can progress," Cuban Islamic League President Pedro Lazo told Prensa Latina. He lamented the lack of freedom of U.S. people to travel to Cuba and establish cultural, religious exchanges and in other sectors.

Washington's siege prevents U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba, and only allows some of them to do it after imposing them restrictions and procedures, as the need for a license.

"It is a pity that they cannot see our reality with their own eyes, I recently said to a group of them," said the religious leader, adding that some 10,000 Muslims, including foreign students, live in Cuba at present.

Besides, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba, Rev. Daniel Izquierdo, noted the need to end the blockade, and stated that to lift the siege is a matter of justice, beyond political criteria.

On the other hand, the general director of the Buddhist-lay organization Soka Gakkai, Joannet Delgado, described the U.S. blockade as an obstacle to economic development of the Caribbean nation.(Prensa Latina)