Norway Attacks Cause Debate on Consequences in Germany

Norway Attacks Cause Debate on Consequences in Germany Berlin, Jul 27. – The Norway massacre has caused a tough debate on possible consequences among the political forces in Germany.While various officials from the conservative CDU and CSU parties renewed their demand of reintroducing internet and phone data-gathering laws for security purposes, opposition representatives reproach them for being over-dramatic and cynical.

Shortly after the two terrorist attacks in Norway that left at least 93 dead, Hans-Peter Uhl, spokesman for Interior policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel, raised the need for data-gathering laws.

However, all the opposition parties, and even groups of the liberal government party, have rejected that initiative.

The Union should not take advantage of the tragedy for promoting an old demand with theatricality, said the president of The Green Party, Claudia Roth.

The official noted that having the information in the case of the perpetrator of the attacks, Anders Behring, would not have prevented them.(Prensa Latina)