Cuba to Launch First Website on National Defense

Cuba to Launch First Website on National DefenseHavana, Mar 12. – The first Cuban website on national defense will be launched on March 13, to provide specialized, unpublished and updated information on the work of the country''s Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).

Web surfers could also learn more on the defense concept and the political-military history of Cuba, at

Until now, any person interested in learning about the FAR or Cuban defense, whether Cuban or foreigner, had no website with that information, said Colonel Jorge Galvan, director of Verde Olivo publishing house.

Galvan talked of the need to develop a website to show the truth about the country, the conception of struggle and preparation, not only of the FAR but also of the people, in order to counter international media that try to discredit Cuba's image in the world, Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported.

The website's first proposal includes the fundamental concepts of the island's military doctrine, a gallery of images, a glossary with terms, anniversaries, graphic propaganda, literature on the subject, and several issues of Verde Olivo magazine.

The website, developed by the University of Information Sciences, was designed using free software, to allow greater feasibility in terms of performance, agility and information management, Galvan said.(Prensa Latina)