Cuba Highlights Womens Participation in Society

Havana, Mar 8. – Cuban women have the possibility to participate equally in all levels of the country's political, social and cultural life, Barbara Pesce-Monteiro, resident coordinator of the United Nations System in Cuba, stated.

In an article published in Granma newspaper, the official congratulated women on behalf of the UN System Agency, who, from many roles, responsibilities and spaces, are the main figures in the development of the nation.

When celebrating International Women's Day, the text states that Cuba continues strengthening women's role as the main driving force for the country's economic and sustainable development, above all to achieve the objective of increasing food production.

"About 200,000 Cuban women are currently working in the agricultural sector, while 17,000 have benefited from Decree 259 to grant land in usufruct, and I am sure that many more will continue that way," Pesce-Monteiro said.

In order to achieve women's full participation, we should continue analyzing differences, visualizing their contribution, facilitating women's inclusion in non-traditional roles, and changing subjectivities to advance in more equitable relations.

According to Pesce-Monteiro, the UN System in Cuba, through projects and collaboration programs, supports national efforts to foster and protect women's full enjoyment of their rights.(Prensa Latina)