Eduardo Galeano Says Neutrality is Impossible in the World

Havana, Jan 13. -Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano affirmed on Thursday that neutrality is impossible in a world that is divided in outrageous and outraged.One is either outrageous or outraged, stressed Galeano in a brief conversation with reporters upon arrival in Havana, after more than ten years of absence, at the invitation of Casa de las Americas to open the 53rd Literary Award next Monday.

The crisis of the world has led many people to accept the unacceptable, forcing them to indignity. That is why, emerging movements, like the outraged, suddenly become dangerously contagious in all countries, Galeano said.

No one can fight the capacity of contagion of the outrage, stressed Galeano when referring to the social movements that have emerged in several countries to express their grievances against inequality and unemployment.

In his opinion, the energy of changes can be felt everywhere. The left wing is everywhere. The processes of change that really occur, grow slowly from the bottom up and inside out. Sometimes, they are quiet, almost secret, but they are everywhere.

Galeano pointed out that he returns to Cuba without having departed, because Cuba is always inside him, in his words, acts and memory, a vivid memory of everything that I have received from it (Cuba). (Prensa Latina)