Judge, Attorney General Assassinated in Syria

Judge, Attorney General Assassinated in Syria Damascus, February 20. – Gunmen assassinated Nidal Ghazal, the attorney general in the province of Idleb, and Judge Mohammad Ziyadeh, who was accompanying him, local media reported on Monday.

USA Spies on Syria with Drones The terrorist attack, in which the driver was shot to death as well, occurred when the magistrates were on their way to their offices at the Palace of Justice in city of Idleb, on Turkish border, and from where many armed groups have infiltrated, including foreigners, as reported by Syrian authorities and other governments.

SANA news agency noted that the terrorists opened fire at the car of the attorney general and the judge as they were passing near the Hussam Hijazi school, in al-Dabeitt neighborhood.

Last Saturday, the same source said, another of those groups assassinated the councilman of As-Safirah district, in the northwestern city of Aleppo, Jamal al-Bish, as part of terrorist acts against the country's professionals, including physicians, engineers, teachers and military officers.(PL)