Dominican Poet: : Cuba, is a Symbol of Joy and Hope

Dominican Poet: : Cuba, is a Symbol of Joy and Hope Havana, Feb 14. – For losers, Cuba is the place where you discover that you can fly, and example of joy and hope, said here the Dominican poet Chiqui Vicioso, special guest at the International Book Fair.

Dominicans "are the losers in a terrible process in which a large part of the national intelligentsia was killed " during the administrations of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo and Joaquin Balaguer, the poet, playwright and essayist said at " Encuentro con…" presented by Cuban journalist Magda Resik.

Regarding the current situation of Dominican Republic, Vicioso told Prensa Latina that about 600 young people between 14 and 20 years are killed each year in the so called shooting exchange , while about 2 million Dominicans have emigrated and many women are victims of sex trafficking.

Also said that there is a devaluation of the women's role and work, hence the work that takes place in communities in order to support and encourage artistic and creative activity of women, especially young people.

As part of this work, we performed concerts with decima campesina and poems texts set to music, which were written by the most renowned intellectuals like Julia de Burgos.(Prensa Latina)