Nicaragua to Receive Cuban Aid for Weather Forecast

Managua, Feb 1.  – Nicaragua plans to create its own weather forecast model with assistance from Cuban experts, the director of the National Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER), Jorge Castro, announced on Wednesday.

The official pointed out that Cuban scientists will arrive in Nicaragua on February 6 in order to train their Nicaraguan counterparts engaged in the development of an effective weather forecast tool, which is vital now that the effects of climate change have disrupted natural cycles.

According to Castro, Nicaragua can issue the weather forecast for a day or the next one, but it needs to establish weather forecasts in various scenarios for the current year, or two and five years in advance.

The Nicaraguan government will seek to benefit from this development in the area of meteorology in Cuba, a country that has a specific direction to follow climate change and has created a strategy to respond to its effects.(Prensa Latina)