Occupy Movement Continues Protests against Davos Forum

Davos, Jan 26. -Despite the freezing temperatures, the Occupy movement maintains its protest against capitalist injustice at its camp of igloos built near the venue of the World Economic Forum in Davos.* Poor Economic Growth Expectations at Davos Forum The movement's goal is to denounce the adjustment policies enforced to deal with the debt crisis at the expense of reducing salaries and pensions with rising unemployment and privatizations.

"We believe the leaders at the Forum are trying to implement new systems to tap their profits, not to aid the world," protester Amadeus Thiemann told reporters.

The 2,600 top economists gathered at the World Economic Forum in the small Swiss town include some 40 heads of state and/or government, who are addressing a comprehensive agenda, but the backdrop this year is the debt crisis in the euro zone, problems with their currency and fears of global recession.

In her opening address, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel did not contribute new formula to deal with the regional economic storms.

However, along French President Nicolas Sarkozy, she promotes an inter-governmental agreement forcing tight budgets on the bloc. (Prensa Latina)