Tight Security for Davos World Economic Forum

Berne, Jan 25. -More than 5,000 troops have been deployed to guard the World Economic Forum scheduled to start on Wednesday in Davos, official sources informed.The military encircled road and railroad approaches to the small town of only some 11,000 inhabitants that is hosting the meeting, considered the annual summit of the rich and powerful.

According to Swiss authorities, the soldiers surrounded with wire fences an area of 18 km around the venue of the five-day meeting scheduled to end on Sunday, January 29.

In the opinion of analysts, the meeting of Davos, which gathers politicians, governors of central banks and business people worldwide, represents a symbol of globalization and the incarnation of the values of the capitalist system.

Airspace will be watched closely by F 18-A gunship fighter planes and helicopters, said a note issued by the Swiss government.

According to Police, the forum is expected to run smoothly, though demonstrators of the Occupy movement announced already that they will take the opportunity to declare their opposition to the capitalist system´s unfairness.

In this regard, the activists will protest and sleep in snow covered tents in the highest town of the European continent, some 5,118 feet above sea level.

The decisions taken by a few have led us to the crisis of the past few years, and now these same people are introducing themselves as the solution to these problems, David Roth, leader of the young wing of the Swiss Socialist Party, told journalists.

The Davos Forum comes at a time of economic uncertainty in the past few decades, especially in Europe. (Prensa Latina)