Environmental Emergency due to Fuel Spill in Colombia

Bogota, Jan 24. -A tanker carrying 11,2000 gallons of fuel oil accidentally spilled its content in Las Damas waters, in the Colombian department of Huila, local authorities reported on Tuesday.According to a police report, it seems that the heavy vehicle overturned while transporting fuel between the Huila capital, Neiva, and the city of Florencia, in the department of Caqueta.

Rey Ariel Borbon, executive director of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Alto Magdalena, stated that the scattered fuel has polluted the water of the Magdalena River, raising an immediate red alert of emergency to facilitate and speed up the decontamination process, Borbon said.

Meanwhile, special teams are already in the zone to collect the fuel oil and prevent it from spreading into the river. (Prensa Latina)