Casa de las Americas Literature Award Opens

Havana, Jan 16. -Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano will open on Monday in this capital the 53rd Casa de las Americas Literature Award, in which some 400 original texts, mostly from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, will compete.The Che Guevara Hall will bring together about 22 personalities who make up the six juries in this edition of the award.

Ecuadorian Leonor Bravo, Italian-Spanish Carlos Frabetti, Bolivian Liliana de la Quintana, Dominican Avelino Stanley and Cuban Nelson Simon are the members of the jury on literature for children and youths, one of the most represented genres.

Salvadoran Jorgelina Cerritos, Mexican Angel Norzagaray, Brazilian Orlando Senna, Cuban Osvaldo Doimeadiós and Argentine Victor Winer will evaluate the plays submitted to the contest.

The jury on Brazilian literature will be made up of Regina Crespo, Evando Nascimento and Cuban Rodolfo Alpizar, while originals competing in Caribbean literature in French or Creole languages will be evaluated by Haitian Arnold Antonin, French Francis Combes and Cuban Laura Ruiz Montes.

Puerto Rican Juan Flores, Cuban-American Lisandro Perez and U.S. Renato Rosaldo will be jurors assessing the studies on Latinos in the United States.

Costa Rican Quince Duncan, Argentina Rita Laura Segato and Cuban Esteban Morales will be responsible for evaluating the works competing for the special awards on the black presence in the contemporary Americas and the Caribbean.

In addition to the winning books in the different categories, the honorary awards Jose Maria Arguedas, in fiction; Ezequiel Martinez Estrada, in essays; and Jose Lezama Lima, in poetry, will be granted.

Parallel, the jury will participate in round tables, panels, concerts, exhibitions and book launches that will take place until January 26, when the winners will be announced. Founded in 1959, the Casa de las Americas Literature Award is aimed at encouraging and publishing the work of writers from the continent. (Prensa Latina)